ZCE Series
Vacuum Control Unit
How to order
Technical parameters
Dimensions (mm)


◇ According to the output signal of vacuum pressure switch, vacuum control unit controls the 
     connection and disconnection of relative solenoid valve to open and close air supply port of 
     vacuum pump, in order  to minimize the air supply volume within the vacuum range we set up, 
     realizing energy saving.


◇ Control of vacuum valve and release valve
◇ PNP and NPN
◇ Lead wire 3.8m, realizing remote connection
◇ M8 fitting is connecting with vacuum pressure switch.

How to order 
ZCE - N  38
  ①    ②  ③
①  Series② Electric signal specification③ Lead wire
ZCEN -NPN signal
P -PNP signal
38 - 3.8m

How to order 

◇ Power output:DC(12V-24V),depends on operating voltage of vacuum sensor and solenoid valve.

◇ Eternal input wiring method

     Brown wire:positive power input wire

     White wire:OUT2 output of vacuum sensor

     Blue wire:GND

     Black wire:connect power to release vacuum,no connection or connect GND no action.

     Grey wire:connect power to stop every saving,no connection or connect GND energy saving works.

◇ Output wiring(connect solenoid valve)

      Vacuum valve:connect blue wire and brown wire.

     Release valve:connect blue wire and black wire.

     Connect vacuum pressure switch:M8 female connector.

Setting after connecting withZPDB seriesvacuum switch

◇ Solenoid valve and vacuum control unit of vacuum pressure switch and vacuum pump can be 

     energized after  correctly connected. Do not open the power at the moment.

◇ Check the vacuum switch display screen(Normal display is 0.0,OUT1 and OUT2 no display.).

◇ Press M button, enter option P-1,set min. Vacuum level value(upper and down button),setting value 

     should not be higher than , max vacuum degree of vacuum pump. After confirmation, press M button. 

     P-1 value is stop value after vacuum pump stop working.

◇ Press M button, enter option P-2,set min. Vacuum level value(upper and down button),P-2 value 

     should be lower than P-1 value, after confirmation, press M button.

◇ Combination of above step 3 and 4 can realize energy saving function. If no need of energy saving 

      function, P-2 value can be set up higher than P-1 value.

◇ In the process of operation, if the vacuum pump which is saving energy, need to stop working, you 

     could connect GND with grey wire and blue wire. Then vacuum pressure switch still can display,

     solenoid valve of vacuum pump power off.


◇ Please confirm that output mode of vacuum pressure switch matches with vacuum control unit before 


◇ Please confirm that the operating voltage of vacuum pressure switch and solenoid valve of vacuum

      pump is same before use. 

◇ Please confirm that connecting lines of solenoid valve of vacuum pump and vacuum control unit are 

      correctly connected.

◇ Reconfirm function of different lines before debugging,in order to avoid wrong operation.

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