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Packaging Industry

Most soft package uses soft plastic bag,which cannot be rapidly handled or transported by standard suction cups.However,suction cups(STP,SBLP,SBL)with ultrathin-lip can do it well.

Bellows thin-lip suction cups(SBL,SBLP,SPJ) are made of food grade silicone,to avoid breakage and deformation during handling.

Vacuum gripping system(TXC,TXM,TSM) especial for palletizing various workpieces and improve productivity.A vacuum gripping system can be used to handle cartons of all sizes.We also offer customized-made service.

Glass Industry

SFG and SF series suction cups are especial for handling of general glass,industrial glass and float glass. 

Metal Sheet Industry

These suction cups(STC,SFF,SBF,SFM,SOF,SOB series) are especial for handling and processing of sheet metal.Various shapes and sizes are available.And large-area internal support structure protects the workpiece from slidding and deformation.

Electronics Industry

SLB series flow gripper has been developed by AIRBEST to handle all kinds of complicated and porous PCB,which produces high flow with less engergy.

Our suction cups are especial for handling of the electronic components.Conductive material is used to prevent the damage caused by static. 

Wood Industry

These suction cups(SF,SPF series) are especial for handling of wood plate,fiberboard and wooden crafts.Wooden workpiece owns the features as following:uneven surface,porous,oily and heavyweight.The large-area internal support protects the workpiece from slidding during handling.